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This is one of the most difficult lengths to work out - any way you do it seems to give a radically different answer. There are at least three possibilities : Mr. Stipes says that the Miranda class is 500 - 560 feet (152 to 171 metres) long.

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AMT AMT667 1/650 Star Trek USS Reliant - AMT AMT667 1/650 Star Trek USS Reliant This is the 1/537 Scale Star Trek U.S.S. Reliant NCC-1864 Plastic Model Kit from AMT. The USS Reliant (NCC-42234) was a 24th century Federation Excelsior-class starship operated by Starfleet. History . In 2364, she served as the personal flagship of Admiral James Malcolm.

These are the new voyages of the starship Enterprise. Picking up from where the original 5-year mission left-off, a new cast continues the adventures of this legendary crew: to boldly go where no human has ever gone before & to search for new life forms. The TMP Reliant and Soyuz fire twin phasers from the turrets as seen in ST2:TWOK. Although it was still operational in the 24th century the Lantree also fires from both turrets, since it was transformed on a cargo ship and Starfleet didn't see the need to upgrade its weapons. It has an old registry number NCC-1837, even older than the Reliant. Its final mission occurred in 2285, when the Reliant was assigned to the Mutara Sector to find a lifeless planet to serve as a test site for Project Genesis. While surveying planet Ceti Alpha V (mistakenly thought to be Ceti Alpha VI), the ship was commandeered by 20th-Century tyrant, Khan Noonien Singh...

Hot Wheels Battle Damaged USS Reliant NCC 1864 (ST TWOK) Product#: X4045 ... Mattel & Fisher-Price Customer Service. Parts Order Status ... Technical Product Support ...

Apr 07, 2016 · The model kit I’m working with is an old AMT/Ertl kit of the USS Reliant, as seen in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. The kit itself looks like it was issued in 1995, so it’s over 20 years old. The kit itself looks like it was issued in 1995, so it’s over 20 years old. Hot Wheels Battle Damaged USS Reliant NCC 1864 (ST TWOK) Product#: X4045 ... Mattel & Fisher-Price Customer Service. Parts Order Status ... Technical Product Support ...

Mar 21, 2011 · Reliant was just a Science Vessel In a straight up fight the Enterprise woulda smoked it.. If you remember Khan sucker punched the Enterprise because kirk was a dumbass.. Enterprise was a warship (Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser) Where as Reliant was a Miranda Class Light Cruiser configured as a Science vessel at the time. The Avenger-class Heavy Cruiser is a Star Fleet starship class, of cruiser type in use from 2413. As tensions between the Federation and Romulan Star Empire mounted, Star Fleet identified a strategic weakness in the fleet deployments.

USS Pogy 647 Alumni Site. The USS Pogy was but one of some 30+ front-line nuclear attack subs in the Sturgeon class, and performed monitoring and intelligence gathering during the "Cold War" era. I go with the theory that the Reliant and her sister Miranda-class ships employ a navigational deflector forcefield that pushes objects away from them. A dish may only be necessary for applications other than clearing objects from a flight path perhaps... The Reliant's torpedo launchers may be manned, though. I think there is enough space in ... The FASA RPG supplements designate the pre-refit Miranda-class ships as Anton-class ships with the USS Reliant serving as the first refit vessel, and thus the refitted vessels being referred to as Reliant-class. The FASA designations for the class pre and post-refit could now be considered sub-class names for the singular Miranda-class. The USS Enterprise, Naval Construction Contract (NCC) 1701 is a Constitution-Class... The central and most iconic starship from the Star Trek Franchise, the USS Enterprise serves as the main ship from the original series, the animated series, the first three Trek films, and the...

The other parts of the kit, the warp nacelles, pylons, photon torpedo launcher, bridge, rear plate with impulse engines and hanger bays and sensor array are the same tooling as the original, as are all the clear parts also. Very well made model, but there’s a fare bit of work to do to add details like drilling out windows etc.

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