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Redwood Krest Executive Personal Protection Dogs are confident enough to decide when a stranger is a threat, yet willing to accept someone that you deem as safe. A Personal Protection Dog will selfessly defend you from a potential threat while remaining a safe, loving member of the family. A puppy that meets all these requirements starts it training at 2 months of age. The dogs are trained at the canine center. The training course is divided into 5 stages. The first stage: a general obedience course, then the dog is trained as a companion dog, Schutzhund, protection dog, and personal guard dog.

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After 12 months of training, this gorgeous Doberman has an incredibly high level of obedience training. He is fully trained to respond to all command both off lead and on lead including, sit, stay, heel, attack. For the perfect family pet, ready to defend you and your family choose an A&T Trained Dogs Family Protection Dog. Protection Trained Dogs Sale Our Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are bred, selected and trained for family and personal protection. They are social & affectionate dogs that have been raised and taught since pups to obey & protect on command. Welcome to Protection Dogs Worldwide!We are trainers and suppliers of bespoke Family, Business, and Personal Protection dogs . We tailor each dog for each client. Our speciality is providing clients with bespoke personal training services which exactly meet their, and their dogs’ needs.

Our protection dogs are trained to do one thing, keep their owners safe from all threats. We have one of the widest selections of fully trained adult dog breeds. These breeds include: American Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Dutch Shepherds. Our Protection dogs for sale start at $35,500.00 The average price for a client, is usually between $38,500.00 and $45,500.00 About CCPD Difference Our Guarantee Fully Trained Dogs Protection Dogs For Sale Personal Protection Dogs Family Protection Dogs Trained Young Dogs For Sale German Shepherd Protection Dogs Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs ... Our trained personal protection dogs for sale are of the highest quality in the United States. Every dog has either been bred here, imported, or trained since a puppy by us to be a high caliber dog. Most are sold to their new homes between 1-2yrs old. Some of the most trusted and capable dogs for protection and police work had been and will be always the German Shepherd. They are very good companions showing a lot of confidence and the capacity to serve at any moment. We sell German Shepherds as pets, also we sell German Shepherds with training for personal protection.

Shield K9 sells and trains working dogs for family protection, security and law enforcement applications. We are global providers of fully trained dogs, hand-picked from generations of proven working blood. Police Dogs For Sale Fully Trained, Kid Safe Family Protection Dogs For Sale Our fully trained and kid safe Family Protection Dogs learn how to behave in every situation—indoors, outdoors, the car, a private jet, the supermarket, and the corner coffee shop. Family protection dogs for sale Our main goal is to provide your family with not only a solid obedience and family protection dog, but also a guard dog that will be loyal, willing to please and a fun dog that will become not just a protector, but a member of the family and a best friend to you and your children. Trained german shepherd dogs have a significantly higher value than puppies because of the hundreds of hours of training they received. We have found some of the best protection dogs in the world to use in our breeding program, therefore our dogs not only have great training, but natural protective skills.

A Schutzhund dog starts as a puppy with biting out of play drive and later on a bite arm sleeve. For personal protection dogs, this play drive is converted into much more training and later onto a full bodysuit. A personal protection trained dog is trained to protect not just to do the sport of Schutzhund. Redwood Krest Executive Personal Protection Dogs are confident enough to decide when a stranger is a threat, yet willing to accept someone that you deem as safe. A Personal Protection Dog will selfessly defend you from a potential threat while remaining a safe, loving member of the family.

Our trained protection dogs. ... FOR SALE £2000 Each. Troy Dutch Herder 10 Months Old. FOR SALE. Alex East German Shepherd 24 Months old. SOLD. ROCCO 17 MONTH OLD ...

And every dog we sell is guaranteed in the contract to be healthy and suitable for your unique lifestyle. In addition to the dogs shown we have several very nice Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dogs in training for sale. The level of training varies from simple obedience to fully trained protection K9s. Personal Protection Dogs For Sale Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. All dogs shown on this page reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery directly to your home.

Indy is the son of a two time world competitor. He has been competitively trained for national/ international competition. He has been raised with children, other dogs, cats, horses and chickens. Indy has a very friendly personality, loves everyone he meets and very high drive in protection. Current Trained Dogs For Sale. All of our dogs will be trained in basic obedience, this means that your dog will be: trained in on and off leash obedience. Have great day to day behaviors and manners. Be well socialized and custom to a variety of different setting.

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